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random update and beecher/keller picspam

Good riddance Heroes. You won't be missed.
I'm pretty sure no one is mourning over the show being canceled, except maybe for Sylar/Claire creepy fans.
Oh, well.

On a more positive note, I did an OZ marathon last week. After 7 years, I'm still trying to convince my friends to watch the show only to squee over Beecher and Keller's relationship.
I've always wanted them to be together, ever since the first time I saw the show......and I was like 12.
Giving how much dysfunctional they are, I wonder what this says about me.

So yeah, Beecher/Keller mini-picspam.

Tags: !picspams, heroes is a pile of shit, i love tags, otp: beecher/keller, photoshop is my boyfriend, tv: heroes, tv: oz
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